Mixed Company

2022 and 2023 ICCA semifinalists, and featured on several Best of College A Cappella and Voices Only compilation CDs, Stanford Mixed Company—or Mixed Co—is Stanford's oldest all-gender acapella group, founded in 1985. Widely recognized both on campus and around the country, Mixed Co produces a wide variety of music from all genres, singing pop, R&B, indie hits, classics, and more. Every year, they put on two major concerts: an anti-Valentine's Day show called Love Sucks in February, and their Spring Show in May, as well as performing in gigs and shows around campus and the Bay Area.

Mixed Co strives to build a meaningful community by fostering strong bonds between current members and continuing the traditions of the group's more than 250 alumni. The group boasts 16 albums to date, and is working to release their next album soon!