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Who are we?

Stanford's Oldest All-Gender Acapella Group

Mixed Company reigns as Stanford’s oldest, all gender a cappella group. Our history of collaboration lives on as Mixed Co strives to build a meaningful community by fostering strong bonds between current members and continuing the traditions of the group's more than 250 alumni. As the group’s name suggests, Mixed Co produces a wide variety of music. We sing, perform, and record hits from Billie Eilish to Stevie Wonder as we recognize the importance of a wide range of artistry.​ The group boasts 20 current members and 16 albums to date. We are so excited to meet newcomers, and if you’re looking for a group to vibe and jam with, then Mixed Co is for you!

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Meet the Officers

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What makes a good audition song?

A good audition song is any song that showcases the best parts of your voice, whether that be range, tone, or style. While we primarily sing contemporary pop music, all genres are welcome! If you have any other questions feel free to email enchatch@stanford.edu. Happy auditioning!

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