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Who we are

Not your average omelette

The Stanford Fleet Street Singers, or just “Fleet Street”, is an a cappella group known for their all-original music, comedic content, and wacky antics. The group has released 13 full-length albums, with styles ranging from barbershop and jazz to diss tracks and cartoon medleys. In addition to music, the group creates live skits and short films for their audiences.


Fleet Street can be easily spotted in their iconic tuxedoes with red bowties, singing in front of Stanford Bookstore every Friday, serenading strangers, and sacrificing small farm animals (just kidding; we don't serenade strangers). All in all, Fleet Street is a community that strives to inspire its members to bring their creative dreams and ambitions to fruition and share the results with the Stanford community and beyond.

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counter spices photo.jpg

meet  the Officers

Connor Meany '21

Business Manager

Picture of Conner looking stunned

Trip Master '21

Music Director

Picture of Trip and a small dog

Chinmaya Andukuri '23


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Curated Content

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