Founded in 1979 by Joyce Rogers and Linda Chin, Counterpoint is Stanford University's second-oldest and only soprano/alto a cappella group, and the first soprano/alto a cappella group on the West Coast. Although we lovingly call ourselves Stanford's only women+ a cappella group.

Counterpoint has recorded twelve albums and has been featured three times in Best Of College A Cappella albums. Our albums and recordings are featured on Spotify and Apple Music. In 2019, Counterpoint released a music video for our single “God Is A Woman,” filmed in Paris. Our most recent music video, which was filmed in Greece, is of our arrangement of ABBA's “Gimme Gimme Gimme” and will be released soon. Counterpoint is regularly invited to perform at all-campus events and holds quarterly performances. Off-campus, Counterpoint performs gigs in the Bay Area. Counterpoint tours Southern California every year with the Stanford Mendicants, and also often travels separately during Spring Break. In 2023, Counterpoint traveled to Greece, where we say for the Stanford Alumni Association of Greece and performed with singers at a Greek university. In 2019, Counterpoint flew to Paris for Spring Break, where we performed at the U.S. Embassy in central Paris as well as for the Stanford Alumni Association of France.

Counterpoint's repertoire is diverse, and has included everything from Florence and the Machine and Sara Bareilles to Michael Jackson and Amy Winehouse. All of our songs are arranged by current or past members, and we even perform original music. We are recognized both on and off campus for our original arrangements and our love of singing.